ambassador beds

The key to opulent sleep. Our Ambassador bed frames are designed to be both comfortable and stylish with a wide range of velvet and crushed velvet color options available. Allow yourself to be engulfed in an atmosphere where chic design meets top notch construction for nights that will leave you feeling warm and relaxed. Find out how the Ambassador bed frame will enhance your room’s decor by browsing through our collection.

Stylish Dark Grey Design of Elena Ambassador Chesterfield Deluxe Bed Frame
multiple colors and fabric Stuffs of Elena Ambassador Chesterfield Deluxe Bed Frame
Zoe Winged Bed Frame
Zoe Winged Storage Bed

Zoe Winged Ambassador Storage Bed Frame


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Dark brown Design of Isla Ambassador Chesterfield Deluxe Bed Frame
Silver Grey Design of V=Isla Ambassador Chesterfield Deluxe Bed Frame
Lola Ambassador Dark Grey Color Chesterfield Fully Upholstered Bed Frame
Multiple Design Colors And Fabric Stuffs Of Lola Ambassador Chesterfield Fully Upholstered Bed Frame

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Ambassador beds truly embody their name, featuring chunky padded sides, a grand headboard, and a luxurious design. Experience opulent comfort with the added convenience of ottoman storage, available in a wide array of stunning colors.

Our Regal Ambassador Bedframes come in a variety of sizes to suit your needs: Single 3ft (H24" W57" L90"), Small Double 4ft (H24" W72" L90"), Standard Double 4ft 6 (H24" W77" L90"), King 5ft (H24" W83" L93"), and Super King 6ft (H24" W95" L93”). Choose the one that perfectly complements your space.

A bed frame's lifespan depends on materials and wear. Wooden frames typically last 15 to 20 years, while metal frames can endure for a similar period. Indications for replacement include creaking, sagging mattress, structural damage, hardware problems, aesthetic mismatch, or sleep discomfort.